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Kingsong S19

Introducing the KS-S19 model, featuring an 18″ x 3.0″ tire size and a rated power of 3500W, with peak power of up to 6500W. This electric unicycle can reach a maximum speed of 60kmh and has a gradeability of 40°. The maximum mileage achievable on a single charge is around 150km, thanks to the 1776Wh battery.

With a 18-inch tire size and a powerful motor of 3500W (6500W peak), this unicycle can reach a maximum speed of 37 MPH (60 KMH) and has a range of over 90 miles (150 km) on a single charge. The battery is a 1776WH LG with Samsung 40T cells (with an expected 20% less WH for eWheels battery packs).


Equipped with a DNM RCP 2S suspension system, this euc can withstand up to 750lb and has a travel distance of 130mm. The pedal size measures 277 x 130mm, with a height of 130-128mm. The device features various ports, including charge port x2, USB-A x1, and Type-C x1, with two 20W tweeter speakers and two 15W bass speakers.

The adapter can accept input AC 100-240V and has an output of DC 100.8V x 5A. The S19 takes around 7-8 hours to fully charge and weighs approximately 32kg. Its product size measures 540mm in length, 320mm in width, and 790mm in height.


Your personal electric vehicle guide.