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Your personal electric vehicle guide.

Electric Unicycles

Kingsong S19

The new Kingsong wheel is about to comeout.

Veteran Patton

Leaperkim and eWheels have recently unveiled the specifications, trailer, and review video for their latest product, the Veteran Patton Electric Unicycle.

Commander Pro

Extreme Bull’s Sherman S copycat that does everything better than the original!

Commander Pro Mini

The 16-inch tire and dual fork suspension on the 134v Extreme Bull Commander Mini make for an appealing and eye-catching design.


Inmotion V13

The biggest EUC with the fastest speed paired with quality and safety, from Inmotion.


Begode EX30

The new 20” High performance wheel from Begode is out. 134V of Power and Torque!


Veteran Sherman S

The 100V 20” Sherman successor with hydraulic suspension. 


Denki Rides

Your personal electric vehicle guide.