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Extreme Bull Commander Mini

Commander Mini

Following the announcement of the Leaperkim patton, Extreme bull is back at it again to troll Veteran one more time and offer the Commander mini, their 16” iteration of the Commander Pro. Very few details have leaked so far. It will be a 134v wheel, with a 2400wh battery capacity. The wheel will include bluetooth speakers. The shell includes cnc handle bars inspired by the V13 design. The Commander Mini will also include stock pads that seem functionnal.



The commander Mini is equipped with a 16” C38 High torque motor. It also integrates a hydraulic suspension, similar to what you can find on the Sherman S or Commander Pro. Finally, the wheel is also delivered with spiked pedals.




The wheel  is still in development and we will see the firsts demos soon. With its 134V power, the commander mini promises to be a very powerful euc with an insane high torque. 




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